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Semantic links must be cultivated and handled in the same way you grow, cultivate and cut grapes.

Kjell Gunnar Bleivik First version 03.08.2011

Last updated 03.08.2011 Status: Will be updated with additional information.

Cool URIs don't change. This subject is so important that the Worls Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has reserved a large section of the subject on it's web site. Stable semantic inbound links are the best online promotion you get for your web site. Broken links are annoying for both people and search engines. You should, if it is contextual, lateral or semantic, always redirect a broken link to a semantic URI. As a minimum, you should design custom error pages for your sites. You should never underestimate the promotion potential of stable quality content. If the content is changed, ideally it should be done semantically. Personally, I regard stable semantic links as the life or death of your eBusiness. It is said that you are who you link to

My own view on IBL's is that IBL's can not hurt you. You can only get what you deserve if you buy inbound links, that is what I personally have called zeroed out. We also know that Google operate with various penalties.

The worst. I personally have experienced, is a link that later redirected to a porn site (normal porn links are legal) but personally I can not think of anything worse for that site. The blame is of course on myself, since I did not do a good enough due diligence before linking out. That experience have made me very skeptical to new links, especially those that I find on forums and social network sites. In stead I try to make my old link collection that I started collected in 1995 more focused. The aim is not to get a biggest possible link collection. But outbound links can hurt you. So outbound linking is also a risky business, even if it is a free organic link.

Source: WPW - Links::: Life or death of your eBusiness.

Take your time to study that thread and you may thank me like WPW members did in that thread.

I have surfed the internet from the start and collected my own links. During this time I have also found other link collections that I will categorice as expert links with a foccus on:

  • Economics and finance
  • Information science
  • Related resources

As an economist, I know that prices carry information. The same can be said about links. Below you find some important resources:

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